7 Staging Tips for the Bathroom

Buyers spend the least amount of time looking at the bathrooms, so it is important to make the brief looks count.  Here are my seven top tips for staging a bathroom:

1. Stick with neutral shades or muted patterns that matches the walls or tiles. While hanging a bold color can add interest and much-needed contrast, neutral colors allow the buyer to look at the bathroom and imagine his or her own colors and styles in place of yours.

2. Remove all personal items and store shampoo, soap, makeup and hairbrushes out of sight.

3. Remove bathmats and small rugs.

4. Display new towels, keeping with the neutral colors.

5. Place only one type of accessory on the counter. For example, one vase of flowers or one bottle of hand soap.

6. Keep a full roll of toilet paper on the dispenser.

7. Install bright white high-wattage bulbs to help the space feel bigger and more cheerful.